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April 16 2011 7 16 /04 /April /2011 02:50
New 3.5-inch CCTV Tester camera tester 12V Power Out

Alle Electronics >>New 3.5-inch CCTV Tester camera tester 12V Power Out

This device is applied to closed circuit TV monitor system, bus alarm system, and RS485 and RS232 data communications. And it is a classic product for the installment, debugging, maintenance and exclusion of equipment failure of site operators to improve the efficiency of site engineers.
This part describes product features and basic operation of the menu, including menu calling, menu selecting, parameters changing, parameters saving and menu exiting.

Image Testing
Using video cable to connect front camera with security tester directly, the built-in monitor can help to check the camera image visually and conveniently, and with VIDEO IN, it's easy to read the data.

Control of the Ball Machine and Decoder
Under the normal communication of ball machine or decoder RS485/RS232 with the tester, users can use the control buttons in front panel to control the up, down, left and right rotation of cloud platform, and adjust the varifocal, focusing and aperture value of the ball machine.

Set-up Preset and Go-to Preset
With the application of preset, ball machine or decoder with preset can save the horizontal angle, tilt angle, camera focal length and other position parameters of present cloud platform, so that operators can go to preset with command conveniently and fast, adjusting the cloud platform and camera into this position. This function is also applicable for calling menu of ball machine or camera.

Continuous Data Transmission
It will automatically keep transmitting data if the power is on to support the data receiving of another tester or computer, and could be used to test the data line state.
Generation of Video Signals
It can generate three full screen output colors, blue, black and green, and could be used to test video line state and the screen condition of LCD monitor.

Lithium Battery Charging
Security tester should be charged by special 8.4V lithium battery charger.

Product Features

Handheld 3.5 inch TFT high DPI monitor
Automatic identification of multi-system
OSD menu for product functions
Various ball machine control protocol and baud rate
Support 0-255 address
Support changeable ball machine speed
Support automatic scanning and sending of protocol and address
Support set-up preset and go-to preset
Support parameter program of ball machine and camera
Support RS485/RS232 data input and presentation
Automatic identification of protocol and address in accordance with received date code
Support continuous RS485/RS232 data transmission
Support video intensity testing
Support power saving mode, with automatic power-off under 1-30minutes no action.
Controlling rotation, lens focal length, focus etc. of the ball machine through data interface.
Buzzer is able to be on or off
Double indicators like LED light and buzzer for sending and receiving data
Support various single color signals, able to be used as transmitter of video signal for LCD screen testing
Support independent cease order
Loaded with two 2000MA batteries.

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